Cement Rendering

Cement Rendering and Plastering

Cement rendering or solid plastering has been used since ancient times to improve the durability, weather resistance, water tightness, thermal and acoustic properties of both external and interior brick and concrete walls.

From its origins, plastering of walls and ceilings with mixtures of lime, clay, sand and volcanic ashes was not very resistant to water or moisture. That is the reason why this technology was used mostly indoors.

The introduction of Portland cement in the 18th century revolutionized plastering as new weather resistant mortar mixtures could be produced. Thus the cement rendering of external walls become a viable mass-marketing proposition and it spread throughout the building and construction industry in southern Europe.

Our teams of trained tradesmen deliver quality render and paint finishes to all kinds of projects. We are specialists on manual, traditional and machine application of cement rendering and solid plastering.

Sydneywide Cement Renderers and Painters has worked on construction projects of all sizes and environments. Since 2008, we have been delivering superior quality finishes in construction projects to satisfied clients in New South Wales.

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